Audit and assurance services is a complex process. We provide these services for a wide variety of publicly held companies, nonprofits, and other special entities. Our Peer Review programs substantiate our high standards.

Comprehensive auditing services include audits, reviews, and compilations, agreed-upon procedures, and audit committee consulting.

The Importance of Trust and Credibility

We understand the pivotal role of providing audits and assurance services that promote transparency, credibility, and trust in companies. From financial statement audits to internal audits, compliance audits, forensic audits, and review engagements, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of organizations. These services not only enhance the accuracy and reliability of financial information but also help companies identify risks, strengthen internal controls, and comply with regulations.

Audit & Assurance Services

Financial Statement Audits: Financial statement audits are the cornerstone of assurance services. They involve a comprehensive examination of a company’s financial statements to determine their accuracy and conformity to accounting standards. These audits provide invaluable insights to companies and stakeholders, helping them make informed decisions and promoting trust in the organization’s financial affairs.

Internal Audits: Internal audits are an essential component of a company’s internal control framework. By examining operational procedures, internal policies, and control systems, CPAs identify potential risks, recommend improvements, and ensure adherence to best practices. Internal audits serve as a valuable tool for companies to strengthen their operations, enhance risk management, and prevent fraud.

Compliance Audits: Regulatory compliance is a critical aspect of business operations, and we assist companies in ensuring adherence to various legal and industry-specific requirements. Through compliance audits, we can help companies mitigate legal risks, avoid penalties, and demonstrate their commitment to ethical conduct.

Forensic Audits: Forensic audits are specialized engagements conducted to investigate suspected financial fraud, misconduct, or irregularities. Forensic audits are crucial in detecting and preventing financial fraud, providing companies with the necessary evidence for legal proceedings, and safeguarding their reputation.

Review Engagements: In addition to audits, CPAs also offer review engagements that provide limited assurance on financial statements. These engagements involve inquiries, analytical procedures, and discussions with management to evaluate the plausibility of financial information and provide valuable insights and assurance to stakeholders.

By engaging Capstone CPAs for audits and assurance services, you demonstrate your commitment to sound financial practices, bolster stakeholder confidence, and pave the way for sustainable growth and success.