It really isn’t a circumstance anyone plans for, but if it happens, you certainly want to have help from financial experts. We can assist you in planning for your future and ensuring no details are missed.

Look to our experts for

  • Divorce planning and consulting
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO) assistance for attorneys in order to legally distribute the assets of pension or retirement plans.
  • Consulting on valuation of companies and business entities
  • Tax and financial planning

Ensuring Financial Integrity

Fraud investigations can be complex and require meticulous attention to detail. We at Capstone CPAs are trained to identify suspicious transactions, irregularities, and inconsistencies that may indicate fraudulent activities. We employ various techniques such as data analysis, forensic accounting, and interviews to gather evidence and piece together the puzzle.

One of the key responsibilities of CPAs in fraud investigations is conducting financial audits. By examining financial statements, bank records, and transactional data, we can identify potential red flags that point towards fraudulent behavior. We help clients understand the financial impact of fraud and devise strategies to minimize future risks.

Forensic accounting is a specialized field that focuses on investigating financial discrepancies and uncovering fraudulent activities. We can provide expert witness testimony in legal proceedings and work closely with law enforcement agencies to build a strong case against fraudsters.

We can assist our clients in implementing robust internal controls and anti-fraud measures. We conduct risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities within an organization’s financial systems and recommend measures to mitigate those risks.

In cases where fraud has already occurred, we can assist in quantifying the financial impact of the fraudulent activity. We collaborate with legal professionals to ensure that their clients are adequately compensated and that the responsible individuals are held accountable.