Disputes are often a reality of business, and the expertise of a financial specialist can be invaluable. We provide support our clients, individually, or in collaboration with an attorney.

You can count on Capstone for:

  • Forensic accounting investigations, such as analysis, reconstruction and presentation of financial records
  • Divorce support
  • Financial expert testimony

How Capstone CPAs can help

  • Expertise in financial analysis.
    Attorneys can rely on CPAs to thoroughly examine complex financial documents, such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. By meticulously reviewing these records, CPAs can identify inconsistencies, irregularities, and potential fraudulent activities. This analysis helps attorneys uncover critical evidence and strengthens their arguments in court.
  • Expert testimony.
    With their comprehensive understanding of financial matters, CPAs can effectively communicate complex financial concepts to judges and juries in a clear and concise manner. Whether explaining financial transactions, calculating damages, or opining on the financial implications of a particular action, CPAs bring credibility and authority to the courtroom. The ability to translate complex financial data into understandable terms can greatly influence legal decisions and sway opinions in favor of their client’s position.
  • CPAs can also assist attorneys in quantifying damages.
    In cases where financial harm has occurred, such as in personal injury or breach of contract suits, CPAs can calculate the monetary value of the damages suffered by employing various methodologies and industry standards to assess the extent of the financial loss. These calculations provide attorneys with crucial evidence to substantiate their clients’ claims and facilitate negotiation or settlement discussions.
  • CPAs can offer support during the discovery process.
    This involves assisting attorneys in gathering relevant financial documents, preparing financial interrogatories, and formulating deposition questions. CPAs can help attorneys identify the information they need to request from opposing parties, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects of the case. By streamlining the discovery process, CPAs contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the legal proceedings.
  • CPAs can collaborate with attorneys in conducting forensic accounting investigations.
    These investigations aim to uncover financial misconduct, such as embezzlement, fraud, or money laundering. CPAs utilize their analytical skills and specialized tools to trace funds, identify hidden assets, and reconstruct financial transactions. By providing attorneys with concrete evidence of financial wrongdoing, CPAs play a crucial role in exposing fraudulent activities and strengthening the attorney’s case.
  • CPAs can offer litigation support by assisting attorneys in settlement negotiations.
    With their financial expertise, CPAs can analyze proposed settlement terms, assess their long-term financial implications, and advise attorneys on the financial feasibility of potential settlements. This ensures that attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the financial consequences associated with different settlement options, allowing them to make informed decisions that best serve their clients’ interests.